How does the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse work?

Instructions will be provided with the cleanse but here are the basics: Your cleanse will include everything you need to drink for the entire length of the cleanse, this includes juices, seed milk and miso broth . The beverages are in the box in the order we recommend, but you are free to rearrange the order as you like. Best is to follow your typical schedule; drink within an hour of waking up and every 2-3 hours afterwards.  You will pick up your cleanse the day before your start date and everything will be packaged together and ready to go!

How will I feel?

Everyone is different, it depends. The cleanse is meant to help you take care of your body and most find that it is a positive experience. Some people can experience withdrawal symptoms or signs of detoxification from excess sugar, alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods and salt. You may get headaches, muscle ache, bad breathe, fatigue, skin breakouts and irritability. On the other hand, many people feel lighter, energized and liberated from not having to think about food and are able to take the time and energy to focus elsewhere in their bodies and lives.

Will I be able to exercise while doing the cleanse?

Yes. Will you be able to run 12 miles? Probably not. Moderate exercise, especially that which allows you to sweat and get your blood flowing is very helpful during a cleanse. Additional breathe work, stretching and gentle movement is also encouraged.

If I’m really hungry, can I eat something?

Yes. This is your cleanse and if you feel like eating then go ahead. Best choices include fresh vegetables and fruit, steamed vegetables or a simple grain like rice.

Do I have to give up coffee/caffeine?

Not necessarily. If you do drink coffee you may want to start tapering back at least a few days leading up to the cleanse. If you choose to continue to drink coffee, drink small amounts just black or with a little almond milk added to it. Caffeine withdrawal can be difficult on its own, so you can decide if now is the time to take a break from it or not.

Should I take a daily multivitamin?

There is plenty of vitamins and minerals found in the juices therefore you won’t need a multivitamin. If you have a specific questions about other supplements please contact us prior to your cleanse: hello@puresimplejuice.com

Should I take a fiber supplement?

If you have slow digestion or are constipated take a fiber supplement. Recommended twice daily along with plenty of water.

How often do you recommend I do a cleanse?

This varies for each individual but at least four times per year. Seasonal cleansing is best for optimal health!

Should I return the bottles?

Yes, we depend on you to give the bottles back as part of our initiative to cut back on packaging waste, and afford your cleanse to be in glass bottles, instead of plastic.  We're happy to pick up the bottles from you when you're done, just let us know when they'll be ready for pick up by emailing us at hello@puresimplejuice.com

What makes Pure Simple Juice Cleanse different than other cleanses?

We provide everything you need for your cleanse. This includes everything you need to eat (well drink) and support and encouragement from our staff throughout. All you have to do is prepare your body and mind for the cleansing process and participate. Pure Simple Juice uses local organic produce and changes with the seasons to bring you the most fresh and nutritious cleanse possible. More Info.