Our Bottles

We re-use our 16 oz glass bottles because simply because we like clean living and clean eating, free of the chemicals and waste of plastic.  We are committed to bottling in re-usable glass because it gives you a way of enjoying what nature has to offer at peak nutrition, with the convenience of daily serving sizes.  We include a $2 bottle charge as part of individual juices that you purchase, and will happily give a discount for re-usable bottles returned to our kitchen.

For our weekly subscribers, we don’t charge a deposit for the bottles as long as they are returned weekly.  We ask that bottles are rinsed (not washed) and returned with the cap on so they’re easier for us to clean.  If bottles are not returned for an extended period of time, we’ll assume you found a use for them, and the cost ($2 per bottle) will be passed on to you after 2 weeks of not receiving bottles back as part of the weekly subscription.

We know it’s more work to rinse, scrub, wash and sanitize our bottles, but we know it’s work worth doing, both for your health and for the health of our environment.  By re-using our bottles, we are saving tremendous amounts of energy, water and pollution from degrading the earth that allows us the produce that sustains us.

Our glass bottles keep your beverage colder longer, fit in all cup holders/koozies, and (we think) are pleasant to drink out of.

They also look and feel really good to hold  :)