Our Cleanse

Pure Simple Juice Cleanse. What is it?

A simple way to rest your body and take care of you.

Pure Simple Juice Cleanse is an all liquid fast. We provide you with everything you need to make this experience convenient, straight-forward, delicious and rewarding. This process gives your body the nutrition it needs while giving your digestive system a much needed break.


Pure Simple Juice Cleanse has been created by a dietitian whom is available for support throughout. She will give you practical tips, guidance and the encouragement needed to keep going. Specific cleanse instructions will be provided upon ordering. For a few of the basics, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

It is our intention to help you be more mindful and listen to your body and its needs. Sometimes all it takes is a little change from routine to get you into a new mindset and allow for healthier habits to take hold. In a society of excess, full of stress, toxins, and over-indulgence, a cleanse can:

  • Help you rediscover the basics of good health
  • Reframe your understanding of how food affects your body
  • Get a fresh start and wipe the slate clean
  • Initiate new eating and lifestyle habits
  • Balance your body
  • Perhaps lose a few pounds
  • Just feel better


“The great thing about this juice cleanse was that I was able to clean my slate, clear my mind, and focus on the cleanse. I have food addictions for sure; coffee and sugar are my biggest challenges when it come to habits. The juices were so pure and fresh that although it was difficult at times, and I wanted to just eat to fill a void, there was no real void and the juices were giving me everything that I needed. It definitely helped that the ladies of Pure Simple Juice were sending me inspirational messages each day of my cleanse that validated my feelings and helped me to constantly visualize my intention.  The support was there for me to let go, stay with my yoga practice, and observe everything along the way.”Sondra, YogaGrow