Weekly 50/50 Juice Subscription

Weekly 50/50 Juice Subscription

Regular price $48

Can’t choose between our juice and soup subscriptions?  Our 50/50 subscription is just the ticket to eating well & feeling great, at an affordable price.  You can do a one-time subscription, or become an auto-subscriber for a 10% discount off of a one-time subscription, and 15% off the retail value.

Our weekly 50/50 subscription includes:

  • 32 oz Glass Jar of Ready to Eat Soup ( 2-3 servings)
  • 1 Nutty Cornbread Biscuit (warm in the oven for more crunch)
  • 2 Raw Cold-pressed Juices (Seasonal/synergistic blends, highlighting veggies & herbs)
  • 1 Seedmilk (like Pumpkin Seedmilk, Hazelnut Milk or Brazilnut Milk)
  • Delivered in an Eco-cooler tote bag
$48 for weekly 50/50 Subscription (free Wednesday delivery for Portland Metro area)
$10 fee for Sunday delivery outside Portland Metro (inner Vancouver, Lake Oswego, Milwaukee etc)

Product Info:

Our soups and biscuits are Vegan, Gluten Free (option of some soups non-GF) and made from organic, local ingredients.  Our soups have a 7 day fridge life, and should be finished within 3 days of being opened.  The menu is set seasonally, changing week-to-week, with plenty of variety and ‘limited editions’.  You can see our ever changing menu, a video on our soups, and more detailed info HERE.

Raw, cold-press juice has a 3-5 day fridge life, bottles are individually marked with the "best by" date. The herbal elixirs have a fridge life of 7 days, regardless of when you open them. Our juices are seasonal and change with our glorious climate to feed a well-adjusted body.  Read more about them here. The menu is set seasonally, changing month-to-month, with plenty of variety and ‘limited editions’. If you have any dietary restrictions or product preferences please respond to the confirmation email, and we will accommodate your needs.  Substitutions of one flavor for another can be made in advance.

Delivery/Pick Up Info:

Because we re-use our bottles and jars, they are not included in the price of the subscription, and we will pick them up weekly for our auto-subscribers, and 1 time subscribers are asked to drop off to our kitchen when done.  See more about our sustainable bottle system HERE.

Menus are emailed to you when you place your order, and weekly if you choose an auto-subscription.  On the checkout page, you’ll have the option of Wednesday or Sunday pick-up OR delivery.   Selections are to be in by Sunday pm for Wednesday delivery, and Thursday pm for Sunday delivery.  Please check the box on the order page for “auto-subscriber” if you wish to receive deliveries weekly, and give us 72 hours notice any time you’d like to put your weekly subscription on hold.

Deliveries are between 10am-2pm  on Wednesday for the Portland Metro area. On Sundays we deliver to outer areas (including Lake Oswego & Vancouver) for a $10 weekly charge. You are always welcome to pick up your subscription during our retail hours (10am-2pm Wed & Sun) – just select “pick-up” from the drop down menu when ordering. If you ever need to hold your subscription (for example, you’re going to be out of town) please email us 72 hours in advance and we will hold off until your return. Empty bottles are collected at time of delivery.

Our goal is to make delicious nutrition as easy and sustainable as possible, and we appreciate your feedback and questions to help familiarize you with our process, so feel free to email us at any time hello@puresimplejuice.com