Weekly Salad Subscription

Weekly Salad Subscription

Regular price $35

Our hearty and delicious salads are an easy and portable option if you’re looking to eat clean, or just get more veggies in your diet.  We do all the work for you, and our salads are designed to stay at peak nutrition throughout your week, just shake or stir and eat!  Take them on your weekend picnics and beyond in our eco-cooler tote bag, or get them delivered straight to your workplace.

Our weekly salad subscription includes:

  • + 3 Unique Salads in resealable 24oz containers, over 1 pound each
  • + Eco-cooler tote bag
$35 for weekly Salad Subscription (free Wednesday delivery for Portland Metro area)
$10 Sunday delivery to outer Portland (Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Milwaukie etc)
Product Info:

Our nutrient dense salads are Vegan, Gluten Free and made from organic, local ingredients.  We use only the best ingredients, prepared with maximum flavor and nutrition in mind.  Our salads are designed to have a 5 day fridge life, and should be finished within 2 days of being opened.  The menu is set seasonally, changing week-to-week, with plenty of variety to keep it interesting and you fueled through your days. If you have any allergies or dietary issues please add them in the notes field during your purchase, and we will accommodate your needs.

Here’s an example of our weekly salad subscription menu:

  • Red Beans, Napa Cabbage, Squash, Micro-Basil, Cashew Basil Dressing
  • Spiced Roasted Beets & Carrots, Cabbage, Red Onion, Cilantro, Blackberry         Vinaigrette
  • Roasted Potato, Celery, Radish, Kale, Pickled Cherry, Red Onion, Cilantro, Lemon Basil, Cherry-Mustard Dressing

Delivery/Pick Up Info:

On the checkout page, you’ll have the option of Wednesday or Sunday pick-up OR delivery.   Selections are to be in by Sunday pm for Wednesday delivery, and Thursday pm for Sunday delivery.  Select auto-renew for a 10% discount, and you can cancel with 72 hours notice when you’d like to put your auto-subscription on hold.

Deliveries are between 10am-2pm  on Wednesday for the Portland Metro area. On Sundays we deliver to outer areas (including Lake Oswego & Vancouver) for a $10 weekly charge. You are always welcome to pick up your subscription during our retail hours (10am-2pm Wed & Sun) – just select “free pick-up” when ordering. 

Our goal is to make delicious nutrition as easy and sustainable as possible, and we appreciate your feedback and questions to help familiarize you with our process, so feel free to email us at any time hello@puresimplejuice.com